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Crafty Days! Handprint Bat

Today's craft is...

The Handprint Bat

You'll need:
1 sheet of paper, any color
Non-toxic black finger paint
Non-toxic white paint
2 "wobbly eyes"

1. Paint your child's right hand with the black finger paint. Press down on the right side of the page.
2. Paint your child's left hand with the black finger paint. Press down on the left side of the page. Be sure to leave enough space between the handprints to make a body.
3. Use the black paint to paint a large round circle between the hand prints. It should be large enough to connect the hand prints.

4. Use the black paint to make a smaller circle (the head) above the large circle.
5. Use the black paint to create two small triangles (the ears) on either side of the small circle.
6. Let project dry.
7. Add wobbly eyes.
8. Use white paint to create nose and mouth.

This project was super easy and my 2 year old loved getting the paint all over her hands and getting to put on his wobbly eyes! Did you enjoy this project? Share your pics, we'd love to see them!

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