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Jenna's 5th Birthday, it's a fairy party! | North Carolina Party Planner

Jenna's fairy party at the Center Of Performing Arts (COPA)  in Burlington, NC was a hit! All of the little fairies had a great time and loved getting to dress up with their wings and wands. We were so fortunate to provide a few tutus, a couple of suggestions, and a bit of time helping to set up this gorgeous party!!

The little fairies dining area

Fairy Minnie Mouse watched over all of the little fairies as they dined

This beautiful cake was provided by Carolina's Bake Shop in Burlington, NC.

The birthday girl's mom made all of these delicious treats!

All of the girls loved "Pin the Wand on the Fairy"

I had so much fun helping to coordinate this beautiful fairy party!!!


REAL PARTY: Emma's Fairytale 2nd Birthday! | North Carolina Party Planner

This was the most fun party I've ever planned. The birthday girl was very clear that she loved Tinker Bell and Shrek, so I got to work trying to figure out how to combine the two. It all started with the invitation.

The "Shrek" font and the Tinker Bell watermark was the perfect way to pull the theme together.

Guests entered the party at the gates to The Swamp (the pool) and dropped their gifts before getting their character costumes. Check out the KEEP OUT OF THE SWAMP sign below.

Each child searched Emma's Enchanted Garden for the coins dropped by the Tooth Fairy the night before. I purchased the frames from the Dollar Store, spray painted them and added the flowers and coins to tie in the theme to the frame. The Tooth Fairy's coins were scattered under the hanging flowers. The kids used hula hoops to play Fairy Ring Toss with the pinwheel flowers.

They used their Tooth Fairy coins to "purchase" their costumes. Each girl received fairy wings and a tutu custom made for them by Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.

 Each boy was given Shrek ears, for his very own Ogre costume. I found the ears on and they were adorable!

After finding their Tooth Fairy coins and putting on their costumes, they ventured over to Tinker's Nook.

At Tinker's Nook, the fairies and ogres got a chance to make their very own fairy dust. They had 12 different kinds of dust to choose from, including Giggledust, Dream Dust, Ogre Toe Jam, and Wing Washing Dust. They were each given their own pixie dust bottle and the girls even got a their very own fairy, more on those later.

When the fairytale creatures finished making their pixie dust, they took a tour of Lilypad Pond to find lost things (party favors). They were able to keep whatever they found and used the favor bags that were custom made for each child. See more on the favor bags below.

One of my favorites parts of the party was the fairytale themed food. I had a blast putting together the fairy fruit wands, the deep fried earwax, swamp pudding, and all of the other treats! Everything was so delicious and all of the fairytale creatures loved it all.

A wonderful friend of mine created the gorgeous cupcake tree and the logs to display all of the kabobs. He did such a great job!! The cupcakes were delicous and I found the Shrek and Tinker Bell themed ring toppers on Ebay. My aunt made the delicious chocolate pound cake for all of the adults.

Check out some of the great pictures of the adorable fairytale creatures from this adorable party.

Up first, the birthday girl, Emma Joy
Emma's costume was themed after Tinker Bell. Her "Team Tink" shirt was so adorable with her custom wings and tutu.

These pretty pink fairies were themed after garden fairy, Rosetta, from Disney's Tinker Bell. Check out the cute flower fairies that were given to each little girl. These were so simple to make but were such an adorable addition to the party.

These precious purple fairies were themed after fast flying fairy, Vidia, from Disney's Tinker Bell. Check out the pixie dust jars that each girl received. I found these adorable bottles at Hobby Lobby. I added stickers that matched each girl's fairy, created a name tag, and added some cute ribbon.

These beautiful blue fairies were themed after water fairy, Silvermist, from Disney's Tinker Bell. The favor bags given to each guest turned out much better than I expected. They were simply made from paper bags and I created labels for each kid. They were all packed full of lost things by the time the kids left.

These adorable yellow fairies were themed after light fairy, Iridessa, from Disney's Tinker Bell. The fairy wings were one of my favorite parts of this party. I loved them so much that I'm seriously considering adding them to our website soon.

These outstanding orange fairies were themed after animal fairy, Fawn, from Disney's Tinker Bell. All of these little fairies were so adorable!

What a beautiful group of fairytale creatures!!

I had such a great time planning this party and I can't wait to see what this little cutie wants to do for her next party!

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Crafty Days...Coming Soon!!

Starting October 1st - December 31st, we will be featuring our Crafty Days Series every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday!! Be sure to check it out!! We may even throw in a few bonus days!

Welcome to the world, Baby Kayden!!! A Baby Shower for Hank & Jennifer!

When I found out my brother-in-law and his fiance would be having a baby girl, I was ecstatic!! I couldn't wait to plan her baby shower and celebrate the upcoming birth of my newest niece.

Baby Bingo is always a hit!

The guests had a great time with the bottle races!

The only flop in the entire day was that our Super Mom cake topper would not stand up!

Diaper cake provided by Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.

I had so much fun putting together this gift basket for Kayden.

I loved this gift table!! It turned out so cute!

Close up of the gift table.

Invitations provided by Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.

Invitation inserts provided by Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.

I was able to special order these adorable stamps from

Everyone loved the diaper raffle!

This was one of the largest baby showers I've done with 60+ guests. It was so much fun and all of the guests had a great time.

*All photos property of Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.


A-Zebra! | North Carolina Boutique

We throughly enjoyed making this zebra themed diaper cake for Baby Connor's baby shower.

Mom, Kelly, loves zebras and loved our cake!!

*All photos are property of Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.


Cathleen's Baby Shower | North Carolina Party Planner

Cathleen, winner of our giveaway through Forget Me Not Photography's Cutest Kid Contest, brought us in to help with her baby shower! Check out some of the great pics from her special day.

These cupcakes were a hit!!

This is one of our most popular diaper cakes! Everyone loves the polka dot diapers.

All of the guests got the oppurtunity to sign 18 birthday cards for each of this little cutie's upcoming birthdays.

Another view of our diaper cake.

Baby Bingo is always a hit!

If you would like information about our baby shower planning/coordinating services, please visit or email us at

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Real Party: Jenna's Mermaid 6th Birthday! | North Carolina Party Planner


This was one of the most beautiful parties I've ever been a part of, even if it was a small part!! Everything was gorgeous! We provided the mermaid tail towels and a few helpful suggestions during the planning process. There are several pictures of our towels, but everything else was too cute not to share!

This beautiful cake was provided by Carolina's Cake Shop in Burlington, NC.

Beautiful table decor

Check out our mermaid towels!! They were such a hit! All of the kids and parents were raving about them!

We ended up not using this beautiful pinata but it added to the beautiful decor.

Loved the goldfish in the fish bowl, it looked even better than I had expected it to.

PB & J sandwiches for the little mermaids

Goldfish shaped tuna fish sandwiches for the mommies

The food even included beach themed oreos

What a spread!!

All of the beautiful mermaids!!

*All photos are property of Any Way You Want It Weddings & Events.