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CRAFTY DAYS! You've Been Boo-ed!

Today is not so much a craft but a fun activity for you and the kiddos before Halloween!

I remember in High School we woke up to a yard full of flamingos and a sign in the yard that said "You've Been Flocked!" It was hilarious and what a fun thing to wake up to. To this day we still don't know who "flocked" us.

This year there's a fun thing gooing around called "You've Been Boo-ed"

You put together a treat bag for your neighbors (or anyone else), attach the "You've Been Boo-ed" sign (see below) and drop it on their front porch. You want to do it in secret so they won't know it was you, then they'll pass it on to someone else.

Here's the one we put together.

You can print your own from the photo below or visit their website for different versions. (

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope you "boo-ed" your neighbors and friends! Feel free to share your "been boo-ed" stories with us!


CRAFTY DAYS!! Cotton Ball Ghost

Today's craft is...

Cotton Ball Ghost

You'll need:
1 white piece of paper (cardstock will work best, but construction paper would be ok)
Elmer's Glue
Cotton Balls
2 Wobbly Eyes

1. Use template to cut out ghost.

2. Cover the ghost with the cotton balls. See below.
3. Glue on wobbly eyes

Did you enjoy this craft? We'd love to see your version of it!!


CRAFTY DAYS! Indian Corn

Today's craft is...

Indian Corn

You'll need:
1 empty toilet paper roll
Non-toxic yellow paint
Beads (any color combination will work, we chose shades of brown, orange, and yellow)
1 small brown paper bag
About 1 ft. Yarn or raffia
Elmer's glue

1. Paint your empty toilet paper roll with the yellow paint.
2. Cut the bottom off of the paper bag, then cut a slit down the front
3. Crinkle the bag repeatedly. (Think about when you would make pilgrim vests in kindergarten, you'd wrinkle the paper until it felt like cloth)
4. Wrap the bag around the toilet paper roll leaving a portion of the roll exposed. See below.
5. Use yarn or raffia to secure.
6. Trim ends of the bag.
7. Glue beads onto toilet paper roll.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! If you did,we'd love to see pictures of your creation!


Bloom & "Character" Bows!! | North Carolina Boutique

Check out our new bloom bows and "character" bows!! We'll have lots more coming soon!

All of these new bows will be available at our upcoming Holiday Gift Show, Nov. 12 at the Randolph Mall.


Crafty Days! Handprint Bat

Today's craft is...

The Handprint Bat

You'll need:
1 sheet of paper, any color
Non-toxic black finger paint
Non-toxic white paint
2 "wobbly eyes"

1. Paint your child's right hand with the black finger paint. Press down on the right side of the page.
2. Paint your child's left hand with the black finger paint. Press down on the left side of the page. Be sure to leave enough space between the handprints to make a body.
3. Use the black paint to paint a large round circle between the hand prints. It should be large enough to connect the hand prints.

4. Use the black paint to make a smaller circle (the head) above the large circle.
5. Use the black paint to create two small triangles (the ears) on either side of the small circle.
6. Let project dry.
7. Add wobbly eyes.
8. Use white paint to create nose and mouth.

This project was super easy and my 2 year old loved getting the paint all over her hands and getting to put on his wobbly eyes! Did you enjoy this project? Share your pics, we'd love to see them!


CRAFTY DAYS! Owl Photo Frame

Today's craft is...

Owl Photo Frame

You'll need:
1 sheet brown paper for body(I like cardstock, but construction paper would probably be fine)
1 sheet yellow paper for eyes, photo frame, beak, and feet
1 sheet orange paper for belly
1 sheet green paper for eyes
1 sheet patterned paper for wings(I tried to stay within the color scheme but any type would work)
Elmer's glue
2 wobbly eyes
1 photo of your little cutie pie

1. Use the template and brown paper to cut out the body of the owl.
2. Use template and orange paper to cut out owl belly. Glue into place on owl belly.

3. Cut out outside eye, beak, photo frame and feet out of yellow paper. See template below.
4. Cut out eye from white paper. See template below.
5. Cut out colored part of eye (iris) with green paper. See template below.

6. Glue photo frame on top of belly.
7. Glue wings on either side. See photo below.
8. Glue feet and beak into place. See photo below.
9. Glue outside eye (yellow), glue eye (white), glue iris (green) into place. See photo below.
10. Glue wobbly eyes on top of iris.
11. Trim photo to fit frame, glue into place.

Did you enjoy this craft? We'd love to see your version of this project!


CRAFTY DAYS! Cute Candy Corn

Today's craft is...

Cute Candy Corn

This project was slightly more difficult but only because I freehanded it. I still think it is pretty simple and with the instructions below you should easily be able to create this adorable candy corn with your child.

You'll need:
1 sheet of orange paper (I like cardstock but construction paper would work just as well)
1 sheet of yellow paper
1 sheet of white paper
Elmer's glue
2 large wobbly eyes
1 black marker

1. Cut out a medium sized triangle out of the orange paper.
2. Round the edges.
3. Since I didn't use a template I simply laid the orange triangle over the yellow paper and traced around the area I wanted to use. You'll need to cut a 2 in. section of yellow paper to cover the bottom portion of the orange triangle. See below.
4. Do the same with the white piece of paper. You'll be creating the top of the triangle on the white paper. Trace around the orange triangle onto the white paper to create this piece. See below.
5. Glue the yellow and white pieces onto the orange triangle. See below.

6. Glue on the large wobbly eyes.
7. Draw a smile with the black marker.

This project only sounds complicated but I hope you were able to recreate it with your child.

Did you enjoy this craft? Share your pics!!


CRAFTY DAYS! The Handprint Tree

Crafty Days are finally here!!!! They were supposed to start October 3rd but this week has completely gotten away from me!  They will start today and should post every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday through the end of the year. Some will be geared towards adults or older kids but most will be kid friendly for all ages!

Today's craft is...

Handprint Tree

For this craft you'll need:

1 sheet of paper (any color, we used blue)
Non-toxic brown finger paint
Non-toxic stamp pad (think fall colors like red, yellow, orange, but any color will work)

1. Paint your child's hand with the finger paint and press onto the middle of the paper.
2. You can either paint the trunk of the tree, like we've done, or paint your child's arm and press it onto the paper. See below.

3. Press your child's finger into the stamp pad then have your child press their finger down on the page around their handprint. Use as many colors as you would like and keep repeating until it looks like a tree full of leaves. See below.

This project was so simple and my 2 year old had a blast! I had to pry the stamp pad away from her!

Did you enjoy this craft? Share your pics with us!!



Lace and fishnet stockings can be used to make amazing halloween decor! What a great and creative project! If you have any orphaned or partially ripped stockings laying around the house you might want to try this idea instead of just throwing them in the garbage!