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CRAFTY DAYS! The Handprint Tree

Crafty Days are finally here!!!! They were supposed to start October 3rd but this week has completely gotten away from me!  They will start today and should post every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday through the end of the year. Some will be geared towards adults or older kids but most will be kid friendly for all ages!

Today's craft is...

Handprint Tree

For this craft you'll need:

1 sheet of paper (any color, we used blue)
Non-toxic brown finger paint
Non-toxic stamp pad (think fall colors like red, yellow, orange, but any color will work)

1. Paint your child's hand with the finger paint and press onto the middle of the paper.
2. You can either paint the trunk of the tree, like we've done, or paint your child's arm and press it onto the paper. See below.

3. Press your child's finger into the stamp pad then have your child press their finger down on the page around their handprint. Use as many colors as you would like and keep repeating until it looks like a tree full of leaves. See below.

This project was so simple and my 2 year old had a blast! I had to pry the stamp pad away from her!

Did you enjoy this craft? Share your pics with us!!

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