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CRAFTY DAYS! Indian Corn

Today's craft is...

Indian Corn

You'll need:
1 empty toilet paper roll
Non-toxic yellow paint
Beads (any color combination will work, we chose shades of brown, orange, and yellow)
1 small brown paper bag
About 1 ft. Yarn or raffia
Elmer's glue

1. Paint your empty toilet paper roll with the yellow paint.
2. Cut the bottom off of the paper bag, then cut a slit down the front
3. Crinkle the bag repeatedly. (Think about when you would make pilgrim vests in kindergarten, you'd wrinkle the paper until it felt like cloth)
4. Wrap the bag around the toilet paper roll leaving a portion of the roll exposed. See below.
5. Use yarn or raffia to secure.
6. Trim ends of the bag.
7. Glue beads onto toilet paper roll.

I hope you enjoyed this craft! If you did,we'd love to see pictures of your creation!

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