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CRAFTY DAYS! Cute Candy Corn

Today's craft is...

Cute Candy Corn

This project was slightly more difficult but only because I freehanded it. I still think it is pretty simple and with the instructions below you should easily be able to create this adorable candy corn with your child.

You'll need:
1 sheet of orange paper (I like cardstock but construction paper would work just as well)
1 sheet of yellow paper
1 sheet of white paper
Elmer's glue
2 large wobbly eyes
1 black marker

1. Cut out a medium sized triangle out of the orange paper.
2. Round the edges.
3. Since I didn't use a template I simply laid the orange triangle over the yellow paper and traced around the area I wanted to use. You'll need to cut a 2 in. section of yellow paper to cover the bottom portion of the orange triangle. See below.
4. Do the same with the white piece of paper. You'll be creating the top of the triangle on the white paper. Trace around the orange triangle onto the white paper to create this piece. See below.
5. Glue the yellow and white pieces onto the orange triangle. See below.

6. Glue on the large wobbly eyes.
7. Draw a smile with the black marker.

This project only sounds complicated but I hope you were able to recreate it with your child.

Did you enjoy this craft? Share your pics!!

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